AI and Digitalization: Advancing India’s Net-Zero Buildings Industry

The world is facing an unprecedented climate crisis, and buildings are one of the largest contributors to greenhouse gas emissions. India, the second-most populous country in the world, has seen a significant increase in the demand for buildings, with an estimated 70% of the buildings that will exist in India by 2030 yet to be […]

Transforming India’s Construction Sector to achieve Net-Zero

The pace of global warming is increasing at an alarming rate with India emerging as the fourth-largest contributor of carbon emissions worldwide. Greenhouse gases play a significant role in environmental pollution and the construction sector is held accountable for approximately 19% of it. India has set a net zero target for the first time, aiming […]

Shweta Tomar

Business Development Manager

Shweta brings valuable technical expertise and business acumen to her role as Business Development Manager at BOOTES. Armed with a stellar academic record and training from industry leaders. She started honing her skills at respected company like Bharat Electronics. Through training at CISCO, Shweta cultivated strong networking abilities. Her multifaceted expertise in technology, research, and relationship-building enables her to secure high-value partnerships.

With her experience meeting targets and thoughtfully expanding client portfolios, Shweta contributes greatly to sustainable growth. She aligns her efforts with BOOTES’ vision of pioneering net-zero construction.

Gaurav Yadav

Senior Business Development Manager

Bringing over a decade of experience in the power engineering industry, Gaurav Yadav leads business development initiatives at BOOTES. His illustrious career bridges the academic and practical realms, cementing his status as an industry visionary Gaurav earned multiple accolades for spearheading cutting-edge power systems research. His internationally lauded IEEE publications explore optimizing efficiency through inventive techniques. He has been instrumental in guiding students’ award-winning national projects including patents in energy harvesting technologies. His blend of scholarly insight and commitment to innovation propels BOOTES to the industry forefront, driving towards a Net-Zero and Aatmanirbhar Bharat.

Sanjeev Kumar

Projects Coordinator

An ingenious engineer, Sanjeev Kumar helms project coordination at BOOTES. With nearly a decade of experience spanning manufacturing, design, and net-zero construction, he consistently delivers results through strategic planning and seamless collaboration.

Sanjeev began his career revolutionizing production at automotive powerhouse Maruti Suzuki. Subsequently, his mechanical mastery shone through IIT Delhi, where he led significant research. At Innenco Technologies, Sanjeev deftly managed construction initiatives across the UAE.

Now at BOOTES, Sanjeev propels projects forward through technical savvy, stakeholders’ alignment, and a passion for net-zero building.

Amit Sangwan

Vice President of Admin and Operations

A resourceful leader with over a decade of achievement, Amit steers administrative and operational excellence at BOOTES with extensive IT expertise. His versatile expertise encompasses facilities, finance, vendors, projects, events, strategy and IT. He spearheaded critical initiatives like UIDAI Aadhaar enrollment across Haryana.

At Wipro, Amit optimized complex enrollment systems through software implementation and infrastructure management. He drove process automation and digitization, at Starbic and multiple other organizations.

As VP, Amit develops strategies and implements technologies to optimize organizational efficiency. He empowers teams with IT solutions, negotiates with partners, and ensures seamless budget control.

Shubhi Agarwal​

Media Head

Formerly a Consultant at Ernst & Young (EY) with an engineering background and 9+ years of experience in Digital Activation, Growth Marketing, and Omni-channel Strategy.

She leads marketing initiatives, manages teams, trackles key performance indicators (KPIs) and drives growth. She has successfully developed and executed marketing strategies, managed budgets (over 3 million USD in 2023), and implemented data-driven campaigns for brands like TATA Cancer Care Foundation, Apple India Partners etc. With diverse industry experience, she brings a holistic perspective to marketing and media strategies. Committed to BOOTES’ vision of Aatmanirbhar Infrastructure development, she aligns marketing efforts for an aatmanirbhar future.

Mohammed Saalim​

Design Head​

Bringing 8+ years of experience, Mohammed Saalim leads the design at BOOTES, delivering projects globally. Passionate about multi-vector energy systems and innovation, he contributes to projects in the U.S, Sweden, Australia, Ireland, and India. His work aligns with the company’s vision for transformative and sustainable building solutions. 

Urvashi Agarwal​

Resource Head​

Urvashi’s formidable blend of computer science knowledge and an MBA from the Indian School of Business culminates in over 20 years of multifaceted industry experience, making her a vital asset to BOOTES. Her expertise in marketing is evident in her transformative work at Jindal Lifestyle, a 100+ crore entity, where she led marketing and corporate communications for Jindal Stainless. Notably adept in franchising, Urvashi has successfully launched numerous retail outlets, both internationally and domestically. Her real strength, however, lies in her strategic role in business development and human resources at BOOTES. Her leadership and vision significantly amplify the company’s pursuit of innovative, sustainable building solutions, ensuring a robust, skilled, and motivated workforce aligned with the company’s transformative goals.

Rajveer Singh​

Director real Estate

With 5+ years in real estate, Rajveer Singh oversees all aspects of BOOTES’ real estate operations. This includes acquisitions, management, and sales. His role involves identifying new opportunities and negotiating favorable terms. Aligned with the company’s vision, he contributes to building a greener and healthier future through sustainable real estate practices.

Vishal Agarwal​


With 12+ years in Finance and Accounts, Vishal commands the financial direction at BOOTES. He has adeptly managed projects surpassing the Rs. 100 crore mark in various sectors, demonstrating his capability in handling substantial financial undertakings. At the core of his role, Vishal masterfully orchestrates finances, budgets, and expenditures. His acumen in devising annual business strategies and instating robust cost management systems is instrumental. His dedication extends beyond numbers, as he actively aligns his efforts with BOOTES’ mission, pushing the boundaries in construction to achieve a sustainable, healthier living environment and realizing the vision of a Net-Zero/Aatmanirbhar Bharat.

Dr. PK Agarwal (Rtd. IAS)​

Legal and Contract​

A retired IAS Officer and a member of the Advisory Committee, Dr. PK Agarwal brings a wealth of experience to BOOTES. His background includes serving as Additional Chief Secretary & Commissioner General, Land Reforms. Beyond his distinguished career serving Dr. Agarwal is a literary luminary, penning a staggering 72 books. From the insightful “Footprints in the Sands of Time” to the heartfelt poetry of “Echoes of the Soul,” Dr. Agarwal weaves stories that resonate and inspire. Committed to the company’s vision, he advises on legal and contractual matters, contributing to the ethical and responsible operation of BOOTES.

Arun Gupta​

External Compliance Advisor

Managing the legal compliance of the company as per the Companies Act and other relevant Acts. His role involves providing legal advice, supporting global initiatives, onboarding agencies, and obtaining government licenses/approvals for the company. 

Arun Gupta was a member of the Management Committee of Gurgaon Chapter of NIRC of ICSI and is a regular speaker in various Training Programmes organized by ICSI since 2011. Dedicated to the company’s vision, he ensures BOOTES operates ethically and responsibly.

Anshul Agarwal

Finance Advisor

Anshul contributes a wealth of 24 years in financial services to BOOTES, with a prolific history in real estate project structuring, securing finance, and guiding companies in their public ventures. His proficiency ensures that financial strategies align seamlessly with BOOTES’ vision of achieving Net-Zero Infrastructure and fostering a self-reliant India (Aatmanirbhar Bharat). In his role, Anshul integrates the company’s financial maneuvers with its commitment to sustainability and autonomy, propelling BOOTES towards its goal of environmental stewardship and economic independence.

Amit Chaudhary​

Chief Financial Officer

With over 18 years in financial leadership, Amit is a strategic force in financial planning, controllership, and strategic decision-making. His comprehensive expertise spans banking, corporate finance, and accounting, leading to marked improvements in fiscal health, control mechanisms, and operational efficiency. Amit’s strategic foresight in revenue and cash flow management has successfully secured high-value projects, while his analytical approach to risk minimizes potential financial pitfalls. At Brawn Globus, his leadership fortified fiscal foundations and team morale, and at V&A Ventures, he spearheaded process enhancements leading to the successful delivery of a significant project for Reliance Jio.

Amit’s tenure at Jabil Global Services showcased his ability to revitalize departments, significantly reducing collection times and introducing cost-optimizing performance metrics. Committed to responsible governance, his approach is characterized by transparency and accountability. Aligning with BOOTES’ sustainability mission, Amit’s leadership ensures that financial stability and sustainability go hand in hand.

Imad Agi

Sustainability Head

Dedicated to environmental stewardship, Imad Agi leads BOOTES towards achieving net-zero carbon emissions. With expertise in sustainable construction, renewable energy, and eco-friendly materials, he contributes to propelling BOOTES to the forefront of sustainable building solutions.

As founder of ECOLOO, he’s reinventing sanitation with life-saving, water-thrifty toilets that respect the planet. His global impact shines through a constellation of awards: Top 250 at the Entrepreneurial World Cup, Sustainable Cities and Human Settlements 2022 USA, and recognition from UpLink, World Economic Forum,winner of UNWTO Global Startup competition Spain, SDG Good practices by United Nations.”Best Public Project Sector” Award for Environmental Management 2017 and CNN’s “Going Green” and many more. The UN hails ECOLOO as a Top 10 Global Innovator. National ENERGY GLOBE Awards, recognition from WSSCC, Business Call to Action, and the Solar Impulse Foundation all testify to his leadership. This impressive string reflects Imad’s vision: “go green, grow rich, attain sustainable living & achieve sustainable wealth.”


Chief Technical Officer

With over 28 years of international expertise, Oliver spearheads technical initiatives at BOOTES. His extensive work in the Philippines, U.A.E, K.S.A, Bahrain, and Africa focuses on significant projects in developments, infrastructure, museums, and events. Particularly noteworthy is his instrumental leadership in the successful launch of the Formula 1 Race Track in Abu Dhabi. In his role as Chief Technology Officer (CTO), he is dedicated to actualizing the company’s vision for innovative and eco-friendly building solutions.

Manab Rakshit

Director & CEO

With over two decades of experience, Manab Rakshit is a seasoned leader in Banking, Financial Institutions, Family Offices, and Construction. From fostering strategic partnerships at Infovision Group and URC Construction, key roles in Kotak Life Insurance and ICICI Bank to spearheading alliances for United Waters India entry. His diverse work experience across multiple companies including Board position at Sinch India has equipped him with a unique blend of expertise in market entry, partnerships, project management, and financial structuring. He is also the Managing Director Asia for Urban Systems AB in India.

Demonstrating strategic acumen, effective team management, and a track record of facilitating global companies penetrating new markets, he is the driving force behind BOOTES. He is dedicated to redefining construction industry benchmarks for a greener, healthier, and Aatmanirbhar Bharat.

Deepak Rai

Managing Director

Bringing more than a decade of experience in successfully delivering landmark projects for Fortune 500 companies across Europe, USA, the Middle East and India, Deepak Rai founded BOOTES with the vision to revolutionize the construction industry towards a greener, healthier and Net-Zero/Aatmanirbhar Bharat.

Demonstrating a fervent commitment to sustainability and innovation within MEP Engineering, Deepak Rai’s leadership is characterized by the seamless integration of state-of-the-art technology, design, execution and the adept management of diverse teams. This strategic approach propels sustainable construction to unprecedented levels, benefiting the environment & community at large.