We deliver Net-Zero Energy Infrastructure Sustainable Infrastructure plays a vital role for India’s Net-Zero Vision.

A Net-Zero Building is the foundation of a Net-Zero Country. It is defined as the amount of carbon emissions associated with a building is zero or negative.

“Nation First, India First” approach given by Prime Minister
Shri. Narendra Modi ji is imbibed in our organisation. Our decisions are evaluated on the basis of their capacity to strengthen our country’s unity and integrity.
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Moving towards a greener tomorrow: Clean, Green, Sustainable, and Reliable

We deliver आत्मनिर्भर Infrastructure

A Net Zero Infrastructure is an integral part of Net Zero Country.
BOOTES is at the forefront of the construction industry’s shift towards sustainable and Net-Zero practices. With on-ground experience in climate-tech, We are creating lighthouse projects that are easy to adapt, customise and scale.

As compared to traditional building systems, BOOTES delivers:


Carbon emission
0 %


Energy consumption
0 %


Cost of operations
0 %

How we thrive to achieve Carbon neutrality?

Our commitment to sustainability is reflected in our use of cutting-edge technology and innovative construction models, which are environmentally friendly and energy-efficient. Some of the key methodology that we incorporate are:

Energy Efficiency

We implement energy efficiency measures in the buildings, to reduce energy consumption and costs.

Renewable energy

We Integrate renewable energy sources, such as solar, wind power, biofuels to reduce reliance on fossil fuels in our infrastructures.

Reduced carbon footprint

With Net-Zero infrastructure, we deliver reduced carbon footprint and reduced operating costs.

Smart Carbon Solutions

We use world-class technology such as hydronic systems, efficient energy storage, high temperature cooling & low temperature heating, carbon capture, to achieve carbon neutral / positive buildings.

Waste Management

We integrate Zero liquid discharge & Zero waste systems that enable resource recovery, water conservation and waste management.

Heritage Sustainability Reimagined

We use sustainable materials and construction practices inspired from ancient Indian architecture.

Collaborative Net-Zero Partnerships

We collaborate with stakeholders, including governments, businesses, and communities, to ensure buy-in and support for net-zero infrastructure initiatives.

Achieving Carbon Neutrality

Towards a greener tomorrow: Our pursuit of carbon neutrality through innovative infrastructure solutions.

Sustainable transformations
that build lasting values

Discover how BOOTES achieves Net-Zero Energy Buildings, through the power of people, technology and innovation.

A Deep Dive into Technology, Applications, and Sustainability

World view towards Net-Zero

The vision  for  the  future  needs responsible  and  climate  conscious solutions.  Our  solution  is  aligned with  the  global  vision  of the  UN’s Sustainable Development Goals 2030 in achieving sustainability with a focus on local commerce, global climate and health. We aim to be at the spearhead of the transition in the infrastructure sector  to  a  low-carbon  future  by encouraging  the  development  of scalable  projects and mobilizing funds for projects which demonstrate the value and advantages of an aatmanirbhar Net-Zer0 environment.
We work on a ground level change with cost reduction and energy efficiency. We impact the  following  SDGs  through  our intervention:

India view

India aims to achieve sustainable infrastructure and green sustainability goals by reducing the emission intensity by 33% to 35% by 2030, compared to 2005 levels. The government has implemented proactive measures to ensure the country’s growth in the upcoming years is clean, green, sustainable, and reliable.


Sustainable & Reliant Infrastructure for a Decarbonised Environment at Lower Cost.
Our Solutions are Adaptable, Customisable & Scalable that Save on Carbon Footprint, Save on Costs.

End to End Solution

Our strength is our ability to undertake turn-key projects from design to project management; to timely delivery






Best in-class Technologically Driven Solutions

Sustainable, energy-efficient infrastructure with optimal performance and longevity through technology

Reduced Operating Cost

Facilitating sustainable and economical operations with  cost-effectiveness and environmental stewardship



Scale into future

With on-ground experience in climate-tech, We are creating lighthouse projects in India’s journey towards Carbon Neutrality.


Our partnerships are founded on a shared vision of sustainable & technological innovation in the construction industry. We bring together our expertise and resources to offer cutting-edge solutions that enhance the efficiency, safety, and sustainability of construction projects.

Pioneering Sustainable, Equitable and Resilient Infrastructure through Engineering, Procurement, and Construction Excellence

Univastu India Limited, a publicly traded NSE business, specializes in engineering, procurement, and construction. The company has experience in executing projects in Maharashtra, Goa, and Haryana, and is skilled in developing government infrastructure and managing turnkey construction projects. Univastu is acknowledged with ISO 9001, ISO 140001, and ISO 45001 certifications. The company has completed various projects, including sports complexes, multipurpose halls, industrial and commercial buildings, hospitals, schools, mass housing projects, water supply, drainage, road, and small irrigation projects.

Creating appealing, memorable, immersive and outstanding projects worldwide.

Muse – Museums & Expos is specialised in designing, developing and implementing projects for Museums, Theme Parks, World and International Expos.
With award- winning projects across the world, MUSE specialists have broad experience in architecture, engineering, museology, museography (low-tech and high-tech exhibit techniques), audiovisual technology, designing and project management.

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